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Learning SQL Server Integration Services 2012

12th September 2012 - 14th September 2012

Who is it for?

The target audience for this course is database professionals, application developers, and business intelligence practitioners interested in acquiring or expanding their existing SSIS skill set to include SSIS 2012.

What you will learn


Introduction Training overview, expectations, and introductions.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Data Flow Task Introduction to the Data Flow Task.

  • Connection Manager and Data Flow Task basics - source and destination adapters.  

        Exercise: Create a Real Data Flow, Part 1

Lesson 2: Data Flow Task 201 Intermediate Data Flow Concepts.

  • Building re-executable data loaders. 

        Exercise: Create a Real Data Flow, Part 2.

Lesson 3: Data Flow Task 202 Advanced Data Flow Concepts.

  • Building and tuning robust incremental loader. 

        Exercise: Create a Real Data Flow, Parts 3 and 4.

Lesson 4: The Control Flow Containers, Precedence, and Work Flow.

  • Transactions, restart-ability, and blocking.

        Exercise: Sequence Containers.


Lesson 5: Loop Containers

  • Using For Loop and Foreach Loop Containers. 

Lesson 6: Data Flow Task 301 Data Cleansing Basics.

  • Building an incremental loader for real-world data. 

        Exercise: Data Cleansing, Part 1.

Lesson 7: Data Flow Task 302

  • Intermediate Data Cleansing.
  • Managing real-world changes to data sources. 

       Exercise: Data Cleansing, Part 2.

Lesson 8: Data Flow Task 303

  • Advanced Data Cleansing.
  • Loading uneven flat file sources 

       Exercise: Design Pattern: Loading Variable-Length File Sources.


Lesson 9: Event Handlers, Logging, and Configurations

  • A survey of SSIS event handlers focusing on OnError and OnInformation events.
  • Using SSIS’s built-in logging facility to capture package execution details and statistics; and built-in package configurations to externalize variable values. 

Lesson 10: Security, Deployment, and Execution

  • SSIS Package deployment options and security implications.
  • Execution options. Customizing the SSISDB database and SSIS Catalog execution.
  • Configuring Data Flow Data Taps to capture rows from Production executions.

Lesson 11: ETL Design Patterns and Enterprise Execution Patterns

  • Leveraging less-documented features of SSIS along with the Parent-Child design pattern to achieve “hands-free” custom logging and creative custom configuration. ETL Instrumentation. 
  • Leveraging the Parent-Child design pattern and much of what we’ve learned over the past four days to build a metadata-driven SSIS execution framework engine.  

Key benefits

At the conclusion of the training, attendees will have been exposed to:

  • Using SSIS 2012 to develop data integration solutions.
  • Using SSIS 2012 to load a data warehouse dimension.
  • Upgrading SSIS skills to SSIS 2012.
  • Deploying and executing SSIS 2012 Solutions.
  • Managing, monitoring, and administering SSIS 2012 in the enterprise.

Cost: £749 plus VAT +VAT


Andy Leonard is a consultant, trainer and author with decades of ETL experience and years of SQL Server Integration Services and BIML experience. He is a BIML Hero and regularly provides advice and free instruction at his blog at and on Twitter (@AndyLeonard).



LMG Training and Development
15 Risborough Street

legal disclaimer

Cancellations must be submitted in writing, either via email or by post. Registrants whose cancellations are received at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the course are entitled to a full refund minus a £80 processing fee plus any credit card charges incurred. No refunds will be given to registrants who cancel less than 2 weeks before the beginning of the course or who fail to attend.

In the extraordinary case where the course is cancelled a full refund will be given to all paid registrants. Crossjoin Consulting will not refund any other amount paid by registrants to other companies, including travel expenses and hotel reservations.

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