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From Zero To BIML

19th June 2017 - 22nd June 2017

Who is it for?

A four-day course aimed at BI developers who want to use Business Intelligence Markup Language (BIML) to generate SQL Server Integration Services packages.

What you will learn

The agenda is:

Day 1

Lesson 0: Course Introduction

  • Training overview, expectations, and introductions.

Lesson 1: SSIS Design Patterns

  • Introduction to SSIS Design Patterns and their place in the Data Integration Lifecycle. 
  • Building an SSIS package that loads a dimension.
  • Exercise: Build a Dimension Loader.

Lesson 2: Introduction to the SSIS Catalog

  • Deploying an SSIS Project to the SSIS Catalog
  • Configuring an SSIS Project in the SSIS Catalog
  • Exercise: Deploy and configure an SSIS Project.

Lesson 3: Introduction to C#

  • Learn enough C# to use Biml
  • Exercise: C# Lab

Day 2

Lesson 4: Introduction to Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml)

  • Biml syntax 100 – How to Cheat
  • Exercise: Importing SSIS packages
  • Biml syntax 101 – SSIS package basics.
  • Exercise: Your first Biml file!
  • Biml syntax 102 – Control Flow elements.
  • Exercise: Adding Control Flow Tasks in Biml.
  • Biml syntax 103 – Data Flow elements.
  • Exercise: Adding Data Flow Components in Biml.

Lesson 5: Introduction to BimlScript

  • BimlScript 101 – Reference

Day 3

Lesson 6: Biml Applied

  • Biml Objects – The Biml relational hierarchy.
  • Exercise: Importing database schemata into the Biml relational hierarchy. 

Lesson 7: BimlScript Applied

  • Using BimlScript to build a multi-package solution.
  • Exercise: Building a multi-package solution.

Day 4

Lesson 8: Automating Biml

  • A Biml-based, metadata-driven custom automation framework for generating data integration solutions.

Lesson 9: Introduction to SSIS Execution Frameworks

  • Building a Basic SSIS Catalog-Integrated Framework.
  • Exercise: Create an SSIS Framework.
  • Configure the Dimension Loader SSIS project in the SSIS Catalog-Integrated Framework.
  • Exercise: Test the Dimension Loader in the SSIS Framework.

Lesson 10: Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) and Biml

  • Use Biml to automate SSIS Framework metadata management. 


The course will include several hands-on labs. Attendees should bring along a laptop with SQL Server and SQL Server Integration Services Integration Services installed. In addition your will need either Biml Express – a free download from Varigence - or preferably the Mist / Biml Studio product, for which a free 14-day trial is available. The .Net exercise will use Visual Studio Express.

Key Benefits

At the conclusion of the training, attendees will have been exposed to: 

  • SSIS Design Patterns and a .Net (C#) Primer: Biml prerequisites.
  • An introduction to Biml.
  • Using Biml to develop data integration solutions.
  • Using Biml to generate SSIS loaders for several data warehouse dimensions.
  • Automate a data integration solution using Biml.
  • Data Integration Lifecycle Management.

Cost: £1649 until March 31 2017, £1749 after that +VAT


Andy Leonard is a consultant, trainer and author with decades of ETL experience and years of SQL Server Integration Services and BIML experience. He is a BIML Hero and regularly provides advice and free instruction at his blog at and on Twitter (@AndyLeonard).



CCT Barbican
Aldersgate House, 135-137 Aldersgate Street, EC1A 4JA

legal disclaimer

Cancellations must be submitted in writing, either via email or by post. Registrants whose cancellations are received at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the course are entitled to a full refund minus a £80 processing fee plus any credit card charges incurred. No refunds will be given to registrants who cancel less than 2 weeks before the beginning of the course or who fail to attend.

In the extraordinary case where the course is cancelled a full refund will be given to all paid registrants. Crossjoin Consulting will not refund any other amount paid by registrants to other companies, including travel expenses and hotel reservations.

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