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Our Courses

Technitrain courses focus on the practical skills you need to do your job. You'll learn the tips and tricks that only the experts know and go down to a deep level of technical detail. Our trainers are some of the world's leading experts in their field: Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Certified Masters, Analysis Services Maestros, bestselling authors and well-known bloggers. You'll learn from people who have a profound knowledge of their subject and who have years of real-world experience as consultants, and who will be able to answer all of your questions no matter how difficult they are.
A ​four-day ​introduction ​to ​using ​BIML ​to ​generate ​SQL ​Server ​Integration ​Services ​packages.
Introduction to MDX, with Chris Webb - September 2017, London
A three day course designed for those with little or no experience of MDX, this course will teach you how to write MDX queries and calculations for Analysis Services Multidimensional.
Database DevOps, with Alex Yates - September 2017, London
A course for developers, DBAs or anyone else who plays a role in writing, testing or deploying SQL Server changes.
An introduction to data science and machine learning for analysts and consultants